How to Succeed at Finding a New Job

How to Succeed at Finding a New Job

Mike Montague interviews George McGehrin on How to Succeed at Finding a New Job. George is the president of the McGehrin Group, an executive headhunter and recruiting firm. Find them online at:  Connect with George at:   In this episode:

  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique on How to Succeed at Finding a New Job.
  • In this COVID-19 unemployment rate, attitude is more important than ever
  • You are probably making what you think you’re worth
  • If you aren’t getting the salary or position you want at your current company, are you staying there too long?
  • Those who prepare the most get the most offers
  • Do you prepare 15-20 hours for a high-level interview?
  • Know the problems the organization is trying to solve
  • The unbelievably low rate of getting a position by applying online
  • Network and keep track of your math to get your new position
  • How little time you have to convince someone to interview you
  • Customize your resume to their pain points
  • How George defines success now
  • Activity breeds activity

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