Although lead generation is a key part of the sales process, clearly defining a strategy on securing new clients seems to be a difficult task for many sales organizations. We set out to try to answer the question: how do successful businesses maximize their sales team’s time and minimize the cost of lead generation?

Evaluate Your Lead Generation Strategy

Our data results helped us uncover three strategic topics to consider when evaluating different lead generation initiatives:

  1. Effectiveness – which lead generation activities produced the most quality leads?
  2. Cost – what were the tangible costs for each lead generation initiative?
  3. Time – how much time did it take to create and follow up on each initiative?

Utilizing Referrals to Create New Clients

Our survey highlights what the most successful sales leaders have known all along: referrals are one of the most effective tools for lead generation .

When it comes to investing where exactly to create these referrals, our survey also uncovered that the most successful platforms for hunting for new clients are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Event Participation (Networking Events)
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

Developing a consistent prospecting routine can help you find the types of clients you want to attract. This report will help you determine the best lead generation methods for your business by defining your strategy and creating more relevant opportunities.

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