How to Succeed at Understanding Your Personality [PODCAST]

Mike Montague interviews Dr. Benjamin Hardy on How to Succeed at Understanding Your Personality. In this episode:

  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique on How to Succeed at Understanding Your Personality
  • Personality changes over time
  • Are personality tests valid?
  • Although we’ve changed in the past, we tend to think we’ll remain the same in the future
  • Why it’s important to know who you WANT to be
  • Beware the Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Your personality is not innate and unchangeable
  • Predictors of your personality
  • Your goals should shape your personality
  • Why you should tell people your goals
  • How personality tests can give you a fixed mindset
  • Traumatic memories can stunt your growth – and how to change that
  • Success is being who you planned to be

-Dr. Benjamin Hardy has a PhD in Organizational Psychology

-He’s the bestselling author of  Willpower Doesn’t Work

-His  website  gets hundreds of thousands of views monthly

-From 2015-2018, he was the  #1 writer in the world  on

-His blogs have been read by  over 100 million people  and are published everywhere

-He grew his email list to almost  400,000 in 3 years   without  using paid ads

-He and his wife  adopted 3 kids from the foster system ; a month later, his wife Lauren became pregnant with  twins,  giving birth to daughters –  all within 2018.

He has a new, controversial and mind-blowing book coming out:  Personality Isn’t Permanent , (Portfolio; on sale 6/16/2020). This book:

  • Debunks the most pervasive myths about personality
  • Explains why personality tests like  Myers-Briggs and Enneagram are non-scientific , harmful, and lead people to mediocrity
  • Reveals how past  traumas negatively shape personality , and how-to  re-frame  those traumas and  change  your memories and identity narrative
  • And tons more…

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