How to Succeed at Fearing Less [PODCAST]

How to Succeed at Fearing Less [PODCAST]

Mike Montague interviews Rebecca Heiss on How to Succeed at Fearing Less. The scariest thing is living a life full of fear. That’s not living. That’s relying on fear-based instinct to make choices for us. Rebecca has dedicated her life to pushing back on those instincts and leaning into the discomfort.

Rebecca Heiss is a speaker and author of Instinct. Find her at  

In this episode:

  • The best attitude, behavior and technique on how to succeed at fearing less
  • Biology and psychology conspire to make us more fearful
  • People actually cheer us on when we push past our fear
  • Fear feels real at the moment – we have to determine if it is real
  • Change your feeling of fear to a feeling of excitement
  • The placebo effect is real
  • Slow your breath
  • Distract yourself
  • Start with a small step
  • Seven instincts hold us back
  • Rebecca’s definition of success




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