Dive into the thirteen blind spots many organization leaders will battle at one point. In this series, our president & CEO, Dave Mattson, will provide guidance on how you can overcome these challenges.

Hey, thanks everybody for taking this journey on the blind spots with me. I know you've committed your time in order to watch these with me, to better understand what are the blind spots? And do I have those blind spots within my department, or with my organization?

If you're like me, I found blind spots in our organization, and I'm guessing you did too. And I hope that by exposing you to the blind spots, you had the opportunity to address them, and we gave you enough tactics and strategies, through our training centers, or the tips that I've given you here today, to go and address them, to fix them.

Now, this is just the beginning of the journey as you know, because blind spots, they'll continually pop up in your organization this month, this year, next year. This is just the way it is.

But once we understand them, then they're no longer blind spots. This is, as I said, the journey that you can now begin with our training centers. I wanted to thank you for your time and commitment, and I'm hoping that we added value to your business, and I look forward to an ongoing relationship.

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