Hamish Knox

Hamish Knox is the president of an authorized 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 Training® center located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a licensed member of the global 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分® network, Hamish works with business owners and chief executives who are serious about creating sustainable sales cultures.

Hamish worked in sales across a variety of industries including media, communication services, software and professional sports before joining the 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 network, which melded his passions for sales and education. Early in his 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 career, Hamish was anointed a 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 "Rising Star" for quickly building his business and helping fellow 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 colleagues with their businesses. Hamish is a former 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 Rookie of the Year, a current member of 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分's Franchisee Advisory Council and co-authored the new book, Accountability The 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 Way.


By Hamish Knox / April 26, 2018

Some managers start looking for fires to start with their team, so that they can swoop in to the rescue. They have no time to set up a meaningful accountability program, they’ll say, because they have too many (self-started) fires to fight. Most of the leaders I work with are dubious at first that they…

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9 Ways to Improve Your Next Performance Evaluation

By Hamish Knox / September 14, 2017

Traditionally performance evaluations (or reviews) are a “check the box” exercise designed to appease HR. These evaluations typically come down to a “good kid” (you made your number / performed to expectations) or “bad kid” (you didn’t make your number) comment from a manager. This comment prompts an emotional reaction, positive or negative depending on…

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Three Beliefs Leaders Have That Cripple Accountability

By Hamish Knox / August 15, 2017

Holding your people accountable is simple. In working with sales leaders around the world, accountability isn’t easy because those leaders possess one of three self-limiting beliefs that cripple their accountability program. First, and most common, is a need for approval. To paraphrase one of David 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分’s rules, “Leadership is not a place to get your…

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How to Succeed at Role Play

By Hamish Knox / February 9, 2017

This blog is based on the How to Succeed Podcast with special guest, Hamish Knox. Listen here: Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes | Google Play | RSS | Download MP3 If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a review in the iTunes store to help us spread the word! Role Playing with your Employees Role play is one of the best methods for…

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The 4 Activities Leaders Should Spend the Majority of Their Time Doing

By Hamish Knox / January 5, 2016

A leader’s only valuable is their time, which is too often wasted on activities that don’t generate a good return. A leader’s number one asset is their people, which are too often left to waste with no clarity around expected behavior or a path to advancement in their organization. To make the best use of…

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How to Achieve Your Goals by Tricking Your Brain

By Hamish Knox / April 24, 2015

Your brain can be an enemy or an ally in achieving your goals, but because of the way we talk about our goals we often turn our brain against us. The average human brain is about 2 percent of our total body weight, yet it consumes 20 percent of the energy we burn daily. Because…

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Why You Will Want to Adapt Your 30-Second Commercial

By Hamish Knox / April 17, 2015

All salespeople with a small amount of experience have a 30-second commercial (a.k.a elevator pitch, popcorn introduction, etc.) down pat. And that’s the problem. Ideally, a 30-second commercial gets us a conversation with a decision-maker, typically an executive. However, sometimes we must deliver a 30-second commercial to a non-decision maker, typically a front line employee who will likely…

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3 Ways Leaders “ADE” Team Performance

By Hamish Knox / April 17, 2015

Many leaders, especially if they were promoted from within, struggle with performance management. Not because they are bad leaders, but because they easily slide back into “doing” instead of “leading”. A leader can pull themselves out of “doing” by being a performance “A.D.E” to their team. Specifically, ensuring each member of their team has the…

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The Cure for Straight Line Selling

By Hamish Knox / January 16, 2015

David 英雄联盟竞猜视频比分 said, “If you live a straight life in an unstraight world you’re going to get killed.” Yet salespeople get (metaphorically) killed daily by selling in a straight line. Salespeople sell in a straight line when they are attached to the outcome of their interaction with their prospect, typically closing a sale, instead of…

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Why Creating Clarity is a Leader’s Most Important Task in 2015

By Hamish Knox / January 6, 2015

A leader’s most important task is to create clarity for themselves and their organization. Without personal clarity life satisfaction decreases and complacency sets in. Without organizational clarity productivity suffers and turnover increases. Lack of personal clarity begins with a lack of clearly defined goals both short term and long term. We know that “I want…

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